How Easy Can it Be to Get a Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth?

How Easy Can it Be to Get a Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth? from West Brickell Dental Center in Miami, FLWhen many people lose a single tooth, they may be inclined to ignore it and be grateful for the remaining thirty-one — despite the difficulties such a loss can cause. The good news is that getting a partial denture for one missing tooth is a relatively straightforward and largely painless procedure. Although you may experience some discomfort for a time while wearing your new appliance, you will soon become accustomed to it to the point that you will hardly think about it. Meanwhile, the benefits are well worth it. In addition to improved chewing, speech, and appearance, a single denture can be good for your overall oral health.

What is a partial denture for one missing tooth?

A single denture is just that: a prosthetic replacement for a tooth that is missing or damaged by tooth decay or an injury. It provides support for surrounding teeth as well as the gums. Most of these are removable (in fact, you will probably need to remove them nightly and keep them in a glass filled with a special cleaning solution).

A partial denture for one missing tooth is custom-made for each individual patient, designed to fit the gap left behind by the missing tooth. Once it is made and fitted in place, nobody but your dentist will be able to tell it is not one of your natural teeth!

How do I get a single denture?

Replacing one missing tooth is not all that different from getting a full set of dentures. The process begins with a dental exam in order to ensure there are no other problems. Once that has been done, a model is made of your teeth (known in the profession as an "impression"). This involves placing special putty made from seaweed into what is known as a "horseshoe tray." The tray is then placed in your mouth, at which point you will be instructed to bite down, creating a mold of your dentition. That mold is used to create a model of your teeth, which will enable lab technicians to create a suitable prosthesis.

Creating your denture may take a few weeks. In the meantime, your dentist may provide a temporary denture, known as a "flipper." This not only helps you in getting used to wearing one, but it can also prevent additional oral injury from teeth shifting around the gap as well as mitigate bone loss.

Is it painful?

Any prosthetic device requires some adjustment and wearing a flipper or a permanent denture will cause some initial discomfort. However, after a relatively short period of time, you will become so accustomed to your new denture that you will hardly think about it. If you are still experiencing pain after wearing a partial denture for some time, chances are that there is some underlying periodontal disease that needs to be addressed.

Less often, experiencing pain while wearing dentures may indicate that some adjustments are required. Otherwise, your dentist may recommend some kind of analgesic, usually in the form of a gel that is applied to the gums.

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Though the process may seem intimidating to someone who has never been through, getting a partial denture for one missing tooth is nothing to worry about. Your dentist can help you manage your concerns.

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