4 Tips for Aftercare for a Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth

4 Tips for Aftercare for a Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth from West Brickell Dental Center in Miami, FLA missing tooth can increase the risk of developing gum disease and cause teeth around a gap to become misaligned. A partial denture for one missing tooth may be recommended as a fast and cost-effective solution.

How does a partial denture for one missing tooth work?

Most dentists usually recommend two options for a single missing tooth. The first option consists of a false acrylic or porcelain tooth supported by a gum-colored acrylic base that sits over the natural gum with support from metal wires attached to the surrounding teeth. The second option is a flexible nylon material that relies upon suction to adhere to the gum. Both versions are removable for cleaning and maintenance.

What aftercare measures do dentists recommend for single tooth dentures?

Dentists have several helpful aftercare tips for patients who receive a partial denture for one missing tooth. Dentures can last longer and function better when patients follow these suggestions.

1. Clean dentures daily

Anyone who wears a partial denture must make an effort to prevent the buildup of bacteria that can spread to the adjacent teeth and below the gumline. Cleaning a denture involves rinsing it with lukewarm water after every meal to remove food particles. It is also necessary to brush the denture using a soft bristle toothbrush twice daily. Finally, using specially formulated non-abrasive toothpaste avoids scratching the prosthetic.

2. Soak dentures overnight

Dentists recommend removing partial dentures while sleeping to prevent gum irritation and to remove plaque and stains. A partial denture with metal support benefits from soaking in warm water overnight, whereas a flexible denture requires soaking in a specially formulated cleaning solution. Soaking dentures also prevents them from drying out and becoming too brittle to fit in the mouth correctly.

3. Handle dentures carefully

The acrylic or porcelain that comprises traditional dentures can crack if dropped. Flexible dentures are more durable than conventional dentures for withstanding chewing; however, dropping these dentures can cause irreparable damage. A partial denture for one missing tooth is especially vulnerable to mishaps due to its size. Therefore, dentists recommend cleaning it over a towel-covered surface or a bathroom sink filled with water to cushion it if it drops. Also, size makes single-tooth dentures easy to lose when not in the mouth. If the denture cannot remain in a storage case, keeping it in a secure, well-cushioned location is essential.

4. Practice good oral hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene is as critical for a partial denture as it is for natural teeth. Brushing and flossing natural teeth and cleaning the gums, including the site of a missing tooth, discourages periodontal disease that can compromise remaining teeth and overall health. In addition, gum and dental health changes can affect a partial denture's fit, leading to discomfort.

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A partial denture for one missing tooth is a fast and affordable way to restore dental function. Still, experiencing the full benefits of new dentures relies upon following a dentist's instructions for proper aftercare.

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